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It may have been a whim of the owner, or simply the perennial inspiration of the yachts, fishing boats and gulets drifting past, but the nautical theme of the Hotel Barbarossa is undoubtedly appropriate.

Hotel Barbarossa commands lovely views of the Mediterranean inlet that washes the length of the peninsula and carries its myriad fleet of vessels down to the harbour of Kas itself.

Barbarossa`s pride is its seawater swimming pool, which is set into its surrounding promenade in such a way as to make you feel as though you could swim straight into the Mediterranean.

With the hotel itself named after a notorious seafarer, it was logical to continue the theme in the names of the rooms and suites. You can stay in Barbarossa, or Andria Doria, or perhaps Dragut, named after a Turkish Pirate whose success forced the Sultan to appoint him as an admiral. It was the only way to stop him.

There are nine suites and two deluxe rooms commending outstanding views at Hotel Barbarossa. They share an outstanding characteristic that has to be seen to be truly appreciated. The sea-facing panoramic windows are extra large and constructed so as to frame the Mediterranean like a majestic living mural.
Three of the suites are set in the corner of the building to provide spacious accommodation and excellent views. All suites are open plan, with comfortable living areas and arched entrances to the bedrooms. Cedar wood is used extensively as well as ten of thousands of squares feet of travertine marble that give Barbarossa its distinctive feel. Light curtains, handmade by many skilled weavers, will let the sunshine in the morning to wake you up and enjoy the breath taking views of the Turquoise coast from your windows.

All rooms have balconies facing the sea. Your private balcony becomes an opera box at the theater of sunset.


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