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Kayadam Cave House in Cappadocia.

The Kayadam Cave House is an old troglodytic house (it is what means its Turkish name), difficult to date : considering the presence of a chapel nearby, it could go up in VIth century after JC. Situated in the cliff of Ürgüp, it overlooks a vast area surrounded by mountains.

Its origin
The current assumptions let think that the cliff was, in fact, a necropolis, as seems to attest the tomb stones discovered very nearby. It was then dug small caves of dwelling. 

Its history
The Kayadam Cave House is an old residence carved centuries ago. Until 1997, the house was always occupied by farmers, but only two of its parts were still used as housing, the others acting of attics, stables or furnaces.

Its restoration
The restauration, undertaken in 1997, made it possible to clean the rock oxidised or blackened by smoke and to clear certain parts, filled with soil over the centuries. The structure was also consolidated : certain vaults were dimounted and rebuilt by original stones. The restoration continues, attempting to respect original construction while trying to create an authentic place as well as a pleasant life.
For the moment, in addition to the common parts, five rooms are restored : they each include a bathroom and a terrace, as well as acces to the garden. Exposed to the south, they profit from a good luminosity, but their construction in the rock preserves them at the same time from strong heats.


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