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Location: Uchisar - Cappadocia / KAYSERI
-Boutique Hotel-

Cappadocia is a fairy tale land in the middle of Anatolia, where each detail turned into a dream, and where each dream turned into reality. It is a land that history, architecture, nature and scenery have been blended in perfect proportions. Cappadocia, “Land of Beautiful Horses” in the ancient Persian tongue, is the oldest heart of the world. This is why everyone who comes here falls in love with it. This is why it loves everyone who comes to it.

This place is a blend, a mixture. It has inspired every community that came here, has tirelessly carried, and kept their works and passed them on to the future.

This is why there's a message to the future from all those who came here.

Cappadocians, Persians, Byzantines, Seljuk Turks, Hittites, Phrygians, Greeks, Armenians and Ottomans lived in Cappadocia. All those who came here worked to build themselves a new world, and carved the rocks, adorned the stones, built churches, chapels, and temples. They built houses, streets and cities.

They put human love into every detail. They even built homes for pigeons in the speechless rocks. And this is when the rocks began to speak to nature itself.

The region enjoys a beauty created not only by the hand of man, but also by nature. Rocks composed of various minerals and metals were eroded due to climatic conditions and movements of the earth. Valleys, canyons, nature-sculptured rock statues and fairy chimneys came into being.

This is why people come here not only for a holiday, but also to see, to learn and to touch the traces of the past. In the daytime, under the sunlight, Cappadocia is like a lively, playful and sensual woman because of the shadows, while in the night, and under the moonlight, it is like a person deep in love, and every spot is mysterious.

You can never take the same picture more than once even from the same spot, because it is always mysterious.

The Museum Hotel is right in the middle of this frame, in Uchisar, at the peak of Cappadocia.

Our hotel is located at a spot from where it dominates the whole region and takes in the full scene of the Goreme Valley from up above and views the Red Valley, Ortahisar, the Avanos Valley, the nearby Love Valley and the distant Mount Erciyes.

You will enjoy this view not only in the restaurant, the reception, the teahouse, swimming pool, the terraces bar and the streets, but also from all of the traditional rooms and the cave rooms.

At the moment there are 6 traditional arch and cave rooms, 5 deluxe rooms, 5 deluxe suites, and 1 Sultan's Room . Here's some information regarding these rooms.








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