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Location: Avanos - Cappadocia / KAYSERI
-Boutique Hotel-

You will find a very comfortable accommodation and lodging facility with a very genuine atmosphere in our boutique hotel. From here you may discover your Cappadocia !

The rooms are built from tufa stone (in summer cool - in winter warm) and decorated with local handicraft products like halý and kilims. It has 35 rooms with a capacity of 80 beds - all equipped with shower, toilet and hot water.

35 rooms with 80 beds
All rooms with shower and toilet
24 hours hot water

Avanos Houses
In 1750 there existed 56 dwellings at Avanos. Kurena Arif Bey of Avanos, who was an official of the palace during the reign of Abdülhamid II, had made great efforts for the development of Avanos. A revival is observed at Avanos after the first half of the 18th century. Houses were being built with reliefs on the facades and magnificent interior decorations. One of these houses, an Ottoman house remaining up to the present day, was built 1872 and still preserves its original beauty.








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