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The Bosphorus Tour

Seldom seen by outsiders, this tour promises to captivate the observer
by displaying the Istanbul that locals love.
As one is taken from their hotel, a meander through the Asian side begins.
So relax, sit back, and enjoy your journey away from touristic salesmanship and into the heart of the city.
Even your own heart beats a little faster crossing the Bosphorus Bridge, soaking in the sun and fresh air and catching glimpse
of the beautiful strait on each side. But the day has not even begun.

You arrive to your destination through a stone tunnel and into a
beautiful garden filled with flower and fauna. To the left and through a gate, the bosporus breaks onto a quay.
The bridge you just crossed towers above. But all these are mere sideshows in light of the palace which stands ahead. It is the Beyleri and its opulent style is beyond description. Huge Bohemian glass chandeliers hang from the ceiling. Carpets fit only for Sultans cover the floor. Detailed marbling, painting and engraving lines every inch of visible space. You are guided through each room, complete with commentary. Walking back out into the
open, you leave to far more quaint surroundings.
A palace is traded for wooden houses, small boats and tea gardens. Here, along the coast of the
Bosphorus,  you have opportunity to be amidst the people, to enjoy the color of life and to sip a little tea before moving on.
A short drive uphill and away from the coast brings you to a royal pavilion, set in the middle of a park. Flowers bloom all around and each small path seems
protected by roofs of trees.
Now it is time to dine like a Sultan. Similar in class to the Beyleri Palace, your A la Carte cuisine is served in 18th century style. Whether you choose to eat inside
surrounded by art or on the balcony surrounded by the art of nature, you will enjoy every moment of the experience. After lunch you will travel
up the Bosphorus and the journey continues to the Black Sea
where .............. (not sure exactly what goes here).

Then the tour turns south, as you trace your steps back down along the coast, just in time to see the sun set a glowing red behind Istanbul's
unique skyline. Fisherman busy themselves casting for the last time and .
A small cafe, moments away, serves yoghurt--known as some of the best in the city. You sit, relax, and enjoy the fading minutes of
daylight. It is a day to remember, one in which you were able to see, to
taste, to smell, to touch, to hear the city that locals love. So what are you waiting for?
Come and 'sense the Asia of Istanbul.'


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