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Marmaris - Turkey


On Cleopatra Island ( Sedir Adasi ) is the ruins of the ancient Cedreae dating from Helenestic and Roman times. The ruined walls are discernible from a great distance. No excavations have been carried out on the island yet. Although archaeologicial surveys have been done. The island is covered by olive groves and brush, in the small cove to the northwest is a beach where according to a local story Cleopatra bathed. The strange large grained sand thought to be composed of the fossils of tiny creaturesis under conversation order,and watchman is permanently staioned here to prevent visitors removing it. The sea bed here is of the same sand and the water is exceptionally clear. The legend relates that Cleopatra and Mark Anthony bathed here after the Egyptian Queen visited her Roman lover at Tarsus. They are supposed to have sailed here and landed at Cedrae Island. Cleopatra was so enamoured of he area that Mark Anthony had sand from North Africa transported here by ship. Reportedly this variety of sand exists today only in Tunisia. Their baech is a popular destination of day trippers during the summer.
We will have a bus drive approx. 40 minutes and then we will take our boat to Cleopatra Island. We will visit thaeter and some ruins and then have a swimming break for one hour. On the way back have Gözleme & Ayran on Çamlýk Village

Price : EURO 50,00 per Person
00 - 06 Children FREE of CHARGE 07 - 12 50%

DEP: 09:00 ARR: 16:00

INCLUDES: Boat , Transportation all the entrance fees
EXTRA: Drinks

PS. Marmaris departed tours!!!!!!


PS.Call us at (90) 212 527 68 59 or send us EMAIL to request the complete itinerary and PRICE of the tour. You can also customizing your own itinerary.








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