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The skin and fatty tissues of the body stretch and loosen with age and with significant changes in body weight, including pregnancies.

Skin laxity in the medial thigh is the earliest sigh of aging in the thighs and is one of the first signs of significant ptosis in the body. The skin of the medial thigh is quite thin and inelastic, resulting in early relaxtion with age. Laxity of medial thighs may occur at earlier ages when there is a history of obesity as a familial trait of early skin relaxation. In medial thigh lift operation incisions is placed in thigh crease and redundant skin ellipse with subcutaneous fat is resected. With heavy subcutaneous sutures thigh skin is suspended to the strong facial stuctures in the medial thigh crease and is lifted up.

Arm lift is a procedure for the patiens who have skin laxity problems of her / his arm skin. In this operation depending on the laxity of arm skin horizontal or vertical skin and subcutaneous fat resection is carried out. In moderate laxity problems skin resection is done in axillary region (armpit) to hide the skar. In the cases with severe skin laxity generally a vertical elliptical skin resection is necessary on the back side of the arm for the correction of the deformity. The resulting scar is on the back side along the arm. Since the scar of vertical resection is visible it is reserved for the cases with severe skin laxity. In some cases liposuction can be added to this procedure

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