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Many children (and adults) with large, outstanding ears are often subjected to unkind teasing and taunts because of their deformity. Emotional distress, self-consciousness, hostility and rejection may all be present or develop in varied degrees. These concerns may not always be overtly apparent to the parents. Since the ear is almost fully developed by the fourth to the sixth year, surgical correction can be effectively performed at this age to avoid later emotional trauma. Adults may be operated on at any age. The patient should remember that no two ears are ever perfectly symmetrical and therefore minor degrees of variation (that are seldom noticeable) are often present after correction.

Incisions are hidden on the back part of each ear and thereafter not apparent. Children are usually hospitalized for 1 day and undergo surgery under general anesthesia. Many adults can enjoy the cost saving benefits of outpatient surgery and return to work within a day or two following correction. A protective dressing is applied to protect the ear following surgery and removed in the office after 48 to 72 hours.

The psychological benefits of this highly successful operation provide a high degree of patient satisfaction.

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