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The results are permanent. After the hair transplant has been performed, additional surgical procedures will not be necessary. It will give you that natural and younger-looking appearance that has a positive psychological effect on everyone you meet. This procedure can be cheaper than other approaches.

Surgical technique
Many micrograft hair transplant procedures can be performed with local anesthesia and do not require a stay in the clinic once completed. Other hair tissue shifting techniques, however, can only be done with general anesthesia and will require that the patient stay at least one night in the hospital.

Six weeks after the micrograft has been done, the hair that was transplanted will fall out and new hair will begin to grow within 3 months. In order to achieve the desired hair density, it may be necessary to perform more than one operation. During the hair transplant procedure, a strip of skin with hair is taken from the back of the neck and this strip is divided into micrografts, pieces that contain one or more hair roots. These grafts are implanted in bald areas or places where the hair is thin. A very natural effect is achieved as the hair growing from these transplanted micrografts lengthens.

Your choice of a plastic surgeon is very important. Because it is a long-term procedure and requires meticulous planning, success depends critically on your choice of an experienced team with specialized training in the area of micrografting. Your plastic surgeon will remove a strip from the productive region on the back of the neck. The other members of the team will divide this strip into micrografts on the table while your plastic surgeon closes up the area on the back of your neck. Then the plastic surgeon will prepare the slots to put the micrografts in and the transplant procedure will be performed by at least two accomplished personnel. This simultaneous procedure reduces to a minimum the time required. The transplanting of hair grafts must be performed in a clinic specialized in this field with operation room conditions and a sterile environment. Remember that a hair transplant procedure is actually an operation.

Other important points
The hair on the back of the neck from which the strip of skin will be removed must be thick enough. Individuals with larger bald areas can combine this method with other surgical procedures.This technique requires multiple and "extended" hair transplant procedures performed over one or two years. There may be swelling, bruising or mild pain a couple of days after the procedure.There may also be numbness lasting 2-3 months on the back of the neck from which the strip of skin was removed. It may take a couple of days to return to normal activity.

It is important that one have realistic expectations after a micrograft procedure. Individual hair types and characteristics, such as wavy or curly hair, affect the result and the density of the hair.

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